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Welcome to Safeline Brakes & Indy Oil in Zimbabwe!

Each day, there are approximately a million vehicles plying their trade or simply taking people from  A to B on Zimbabwe's roads, of which 95 % comprises passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles. All these vehicles move at significant speeds, but they have one common requirement,and that is to bring themselves to a halt many times a day. That is our job at Safeline Brakes - Zimbabwe to supply and fit world class brake pads that were researched and developed to world class standards.

With over 13 years of experience no - one can out-brake us. Our team of dedicated, machinists and brake technicians and the entire staff have one goal - to make sure that every motorist  will get the best possible brake performance from their vehicle braking system.

Indy Oil - Zimbabwe "World Class Lubricants" is an independent marketer of a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants. Our business is built on the three pillars of excellence: quality, service and value for money. Our technological ability, experience and traction make us a serious competitor in the Zimbabwean lubricants market.