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Why are my brakes binding and not lasting on my car?

Brake pads need to move up against the disc in order to generate a braking force. Once the applied pressure is released the brake pads must move away from the disc in order to remove the braking force. If however the brake pads cannot move away binding will occur. One reason for the brake pads not moving away are because the brake pads are oversize and cannot move freely in the brake calliper.

Can hydraulic brake fluid damage the pads?

Yes most definitely. It is vital that the hydraulic system is in good working order. All calliper seals and hoses should be checked for leakages when the pads are fitted. An easy way to check is to look for a sticky area with caked dirt, this will indicate where the leak is coming from in your system. Brake hoses and seals should last 6-8 years under normal conditions.

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