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About Safeline Brakes, Zimbabwe

СНПЧ А7 Самара, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Safeline Friction Distributor is an official distributor of Safeline Brakepads and Indy Oil Lubricants from South Africa.

Safeline Brakepads are manufactured to ISO TS 16949 specifications. Safeline Brake Pads have taken a lead in the Brake Pad Industry by offering a 50 000 km conditional guarantee that is easily monitored by the installer by using Safeline’s Brake Abuse System.

Indy Oil Lubricants are ISO 9001:2008 quality assured which brings peace of mind.


Safeline’s goal is to ensure that our customers get the safest and best possible performance for their vehicles.

To gain a reputation for providing unparalleled customer service.

We believe in quality, right first time, every time to promote our objectives.

We only import the best to maintain a quality and trouble free service. 


To sustain a growth pattern that will allow us to serve our customer’s needs all the time.

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Involving and developing all Safeline employees to ensure that the company possesses the collective skills and motivation to providing excellent service to our customers.
  • Maintaining a fully effective research and development capacity such that Safeline stays at the forefront of supplying high performance products to the motor industry.
  • Establishing quality and customer satisfaction as the prime consideration i.e. any Safeline decision or action.
  • Ensuring that the products we supply meet the performance requirements of any national or international regulations, both now and the future.
  • Continuing a pro-active program that will enable us to be the first into the market place with the best and latest products.


It is the policy of Safeline Zimbabwe to supply products to the complete satisfaction of our customers. To this end, we aim to operate at a zero defect policy for all products we supply and to ensure that our company continuously supplies components of the highest standards and reliability.

The benefit of our Quality System shall be:

  • Reduced number of customer complains thus improving customer satisfaction base.
  • Better customer relations and increased market share.
  • Reduced loss and returns
  • Improved management co-operation between departments allowing effective operation system